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Tuesday 31st March 2020

We take the safety of our dental teams and our patients extremely seriously. Our dental teams are fully aware of the need to stay away from work if they or their relatives feel unwell or show symptoms and to follow all our usual cross-infection protocols, including the use of fresh gloves, masks and disposable aprons for each patient. They have access to a range of personal protective equipment such as disposable visors and protective goggles, as well as hand sanitiser and wipes.The clinical zone created around a patient and our equipment is thoroughly wiped down between patients. We also wipe down the equipment, including the wheels on our trolleys, on leaving one location and on arrival at the next.

Individual Patients in Residential Care/Own Homes

We have suspended routine home appointments for the time being. For emergencies, calls will be triaged, telephone advice given and if an emergency visit is the only option we will do our best to assist. 

Secure Hospital and Care Home Clinics

We are currently able to continue with our regular clinic sessions either on or off-site by means of telephone triage with emergency appointments only if urgent or essential care is deemed necessary by one of our dentists. We rely on our excellent working relationships with hospital and care home staff to keep lines of communication open and share any relevant healthcare information. If you are worried about infection risk in relation to any person under your care, please let us know – we will feed back any concerns that the dental teams may have. Similarly, if you have any other questions or concerns, please get in touch – we are always happy to hear from you. 


We must follow the latest guidance from the office of the Chief Dental Officer which is to offer telephone triage and only to see patients for emergency (essential/urgent) care, including the prescription of appropriate antibiotics. 

If symptoms are identified

If suspected COVID-19 is identified before a domiciliary visit, patients should be advised to contact NHS 111 for further assessment. If suspected COVID-19 is identified during a domiciliary visit, the dental team should ensure they have the patient’s (or carer’s) telephone number. They should then withdraw from the room, close the door and wash hands thoroughly with soap and water. Further communication should be via telephone. The patient (or carer) should then call NHS 11 for further assessment. If suspected COVID-19 is identified during a care home visit, the local Health Protection Team should be contacted to discuss possible case contacts, decontamination processes and any further action required.

If you have any questions or need more information,please call 01304 842995/0844 809 2660 or contact us on or

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